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Surviving in Southern California

October 9th, 2005 at 06:07 am

I just read that the median income where I live is $71,000 and a single mom with 2 kids needs $63,000. You can't buy a house unless your income is around $84,000. It makes me look pretty good, considering my gross income last year was $45,000, I have 3 kids and this year I just bought a new manufactured home on 2 lots. Granted - I did sell my old house and I put $50,000 down. $45,000 of which went to the principal. $7,000 went into escrow. I still ended up having to pay PMI for 2 years. I owe $245,000 on my home. I do love it, but the mortgage payment is $2,011. Which is kind of a killer because I only bring home $2,700, or if I work overtime $3,000.

Current Savings

$1600 - Money market account
$300 - ING account
$1000 ING CDs
$450- Christmas Club
$100 - Checking
$7000- in deferred compensation through work - Virtually untouchable.

Other items
I have whole life insurance policies for my children and myself. I don't know what the face value is. I think together they may be in the $500 range. I have a $250,000 term policy on myself that is good until I retire.

Current Debts

I owe $10,000 on a car. (daughter's) I have made the last 2 1/2 months payments. She just got a much better job and she WILL be making all the payments and 1/2 of her insurance.

I owe $800 on a small credit card.

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