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February 14th, 2007 at 09:27 pm

Some things have changed.

I have $900 and change in a money market account. This is 1/2 my mortgage. I take it back to pay the mortgage once per month. Than for about 15 days my mm account has zero in it. I have earned .45 in interest though.

All my bills have been paid for this month.

I am trying to put away $25 each time I get paid to go on a cruise. I had to borrow it back this month. The entire $100. At least my bills are all paid.

I tell myself that I am not playing catch up. I can't go back and repay myself. I don't have the funds. I have to start fresh each day.

I now have a change jar that is hidden. I never minded in the past that the kids would help themselves to the change; but lately I have begun to mind. They get an allowance and I don't.

Life is still very hard. I feel like I will never have any money again. On the bright side. I can have up to 8 hours a week overtime. OT is hard to manage when you have kids. I wish we had more Saturdays available to work. Those are pretty rare. I am going to try to manage 5 a week for now.

My two youngest need braces and I have to do everything I can to save money. I got one estimate and for both it was close to 8,000. My son had braces when he was little and he needs to have his second phase. I told him his sister's teeth are really bad and if I have to choose, she will be the one to get the braces first. I'm taking only her for another consultation tomorrow. Hopefully it will be much more reasonable.

I am paying $316 per month now in stupid debt. I am still kicking myself. They will be paid off in 40 months. That, my dear friends, means the year 2011. I will be 44.

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

2 Responses to “UGGHHH”

  1. Lux Living Frugalis Says:

    Hi BarbaraL - just wanted to mention that my son needed braces or so the dentist said at about age 11. This kid wouldn't have done the brushing needed to keep his teeth from rotting at that age and I wasn't ready to be a daily nag X3 AND we just flat out didn't have the money to do it. Fast forward 7 years. He's working, he's got his own money and he's now got braces that he's paying $100 a month for. He's also interested in a girl, so the personal hygeine issues are not the issue they once would have been either.

    Was this ideal? No - I wish we could have helped him then and even now, but retirement is looming for Hubster and we've got to put back for that...so he's paying for his own.

    Something to consider.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Welcome Barbara, hang in there,you will make it!

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