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You know you are old when......

October 18th, 2005 at 09:12 pm

Today my sixteen year old son and I were on the couch watching old black and white scarey movies when I mentioned that the one wild eyed actor looked just like Manson did after he was arrested. My son looked me right in the eye and said, "Marilyn? I didn't know he was arrested."

I called my older daughter because the 13th has come and passed and she did not pay her car payment. She acted like she was the wounded party. Imagine that! I told her she needs to come and talk to me because her insurance went up too. I am not a happy camper. The deal was if she didn't make the car payments I would take the car. Of course, I won't be able to afford the payments and still eat...

My youngest son asked me the other day if I would help him buy a car and I told him "No". When he asked why, I told him to go and ask his sister why. I'd like to be the wounded party for once.

All the bills are paid for the month. Now I just have to manage the house payment. My goal is not to take any more out of my savings and make the house payment this month.

available cash

$1600 - Money market account
$300 - ING account
$1000 ING CDs
$450- Christmas Club
$100 - Checking
$7000- in deferred compensation through work - Virtually untouchable

$1600 - money market
$350 - ING
$1000 - ING CDs
$81 - Holiday
$350 - ING
$600 - Checking

Next month I have to add to savings desperately for the holidays.

My parents are giving the five kids (me included) their land near Branson Mo. It is about an acre in a mobile home park. The sibs wanted to hold onto it. I talked them into selling it so that we could help the parents with their living expenses. Mom is 81 and Dad is 72. Both of them have/had relatives live well into their 90's. Also, even though dad is a veteran, I talked the sibs into prepaid burial plans. I told them minimum of $1500 per person. I figure, we will have some expenses no matter what. My parents' income is only $1500 per month. I told the kids that if we use the proceeds wisely the parents will be able to live just that little bit better every month. They enjoy doing things for the grandkids and my mom and dad have siblings all over the US. It might be nice if they could go and see them. After all, the way I figure it, they struggled to buy that property and they don't have anything else, they should use the proceeds to live a little.

On 9/17/05, my younger son sliced his hand open with a razor knife. Long story, blade broke, knife slipped, kid ended up in emergency. My copay is $250. I haven't got the bill yet, but I'm worried. I'll need to call them I guess. I used to work at a hospital and I know they take a while to get the bill out, however, I'd still like to set up some payment arrangements.

My youngest daughter goes off track next week and and goes back to school the week after Thanksgiving. I will save approximately $60 while she is off track because she won't get school lunch money. Which is good because I could really use the money for the holidays.

My sons want/need a box spring. Right now they are sleeping on a mattress on the floor. It occurred to me that I could finance it. I need a new box spring and mattress too. Mine were used 5 years ago. I'm just so afraid to finance anything. Especially now that I am hurting for living expenses. Credit just seems so much more worthy when you are hurting for money. Wouldn't you know it I got one of those stupid credit card offers in the mail. Best rate yet too - 14% interest.

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