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I've totally screwed up

June 28th, 2006 at 09:44 pm

I don't know why people charge up debt, let alone me. I got a 5 year simple interest loan to pay off that damn credit card. Well almost pay it off, I'll still owe about $2600, but will work dilently to pay it off first and than my son's motorcycle.

Younger son is selling off one of his bikes and he said he will give me $500. I'll put that either toward that stupid credit card or the dirt bike I financed. Hopefully he'll sell it. I told him to keep enough to buy his own school clothes and shoes.

All bills were paid again this month. Electric is a little higher than usual (due next month), budget only allows for $200, I 'll see what I can swing.

Bills I didn't plan this month were $30 for my son's summer school bus pass. Doctor's presciption for oldest daughter $30 - 3 at $10 each. Also daughter wrecked car, $1000 deductible and 2 weeks off work. So guess who paid the bills again? Luckilly, I bought another car and the car insurance went down a great deal because it only has liability and I moved my daughter to that one as the main driver. Plus with the credit I'm thinking that I'm acutally paid up for a while. Youngest daughter looks like she'll get all B's this semester so she'll get $100. If she gets C's or better she'll only get $50. It will actually come out of next months budget.

Taxes and DMV is late. About $1,075. I'll try to pay that next month as I get 3 checks in August.

I am so totally broke, it is really sad. I'll eventually catch up though. Somehow I always manage to come out ahead.

I wish my ex would pay some child support. School bus passes are coming up. 2nd son is in a charter so I don't have to pay his and oldest son is supposed to graduate early so I'll buy one semester at a time, but it is still about $225 for both bus passes.