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D minus 1

April 25th, 2007 at 08:35 pm

Tomorrow I write the check for $250 for my little girl's braces. I wish I could have said that I had it all saved up, but I don't. I'll be stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

My son brought home a little kitten. He named him Lily, until I noticed he was really a Charley. Poor baby was so starved it chased my mean cat away from the food while she was eating. My Jack Russel loves him. My Aussie just ignores him. I think he is growing on the other cats. He was a little shy at first until the Jack Russell crawled towards him on his belly and put his nose down with the kitten's nose. Now they are fast friends. Funny how animals are.

I got $27 from turning in my cans and $22.10 from Treasure Trooper. It bought groceries. With that, and what I have in the fridge, it will have to do until I get paid again in two weeks. I don't think I'll do Treasure Trooper again.

I'm just so tired of worrying about paying the bills. The new kitten and the flowers in the garden have really cheered me up. Gardening and playing with baby kittens will cheer just about anyone up I guess.

As my mom always said, "Tomorrow is a brand new day and you get to start all over."

Readrevenue.com stopped paying!

April 21st, 2007 at 10:38 am

Just a warning.

I finally earned my $3.00 on Readrevenue and I requested payment. I have now emailed them 4 or 5 times and told them I have not received payment. On April 11th, they posted they paid me. I emailed them again and told them I was not paid. I told them to remove the fact they they paid me from their payment board as I feel they are using me as an advertisement.

They have not removed my name. They have not responded to any email requests and they are still sending me up to 20 ads per day. I told them in my last email that I would post on my blog and all the web sites I am on that they have not paid me. Apparently this had no affect.

I went on my other board and there is a whole conversation about how readrevenue has not been paying lately.

So be warned!

$3.00, I know is not a lot to some, but it is a lot to me.

I feel like the little train that could.

April 18th, 2007 at 10:36 pm

Slowly the debt is coming off. My new amount is $11,333.30. My beginning balance was $11,871.73. I have to keep saying I think I can. I think I can.

I will never debt again.

I read in the local paper that San Bernardino County, CA has a 26% increase in mortgage defaults this year compared to this time in 1990. I wonder what that compares to for last year. I remember the early 90s. It was ugly. There weren't any jobs. If something isn't done soon, I worry that we will go into a recession by the end of the year.

"I can do anything I set my mind to. I know this because I have done it before."

That is definately one of my favorite quotes.

Regurgitating my day.

April 3rd, 2007 at 09:49 pm

Dear Fellow Sympathizers,

I had a yucky yucky day.

It all started last night when dd reminded me she needed a TB test read by Friday for her to pick her high school classes. Missed 1.5 hours of work. She actually got two shots. The new HPV for girls and her second Hep A. I thought she did very well. I have to go back on Thursday to get the TB read.

A new employee I have is almost ready to graduate from school and she has been in the "field" now two days. She is about to drive me insane. She asked me today and this is a quote, "How do you know if it is a Spanish form?" Being the ever clever one with my verbal skills, I said, "If the words are in Spanish, I'll bet a dollar to your dime that it's a Spanish form." She is gone tomorrow, comes back on Thursday and then is gone until 4/12. She asked me if I was going to buy her flowers for her graduation. I am just totally 'agog' with this woman. I even called the instructor to see if she was really going to graduate. She is.

I also found out that my very good friend's daughter was just diagnosed yesterday with cervical cancer. She is only 23. The same age as my oldest daughter. If you pray, can you say a prayer for her? She has an appointment next Wednesday with the oncologist.

I figured my credit card balances and actually owe a little less than I thought. I currently owe $11,625.30 in Stupid DEBT. Just think all I have to do is pay 1,625.31 and I'll be below $10,000.