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Coffee addict

October 21st, 2005 at 09:59 pm

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a coffee addict. I just love coffee. I like it strong, not thick. Ahh.... the aromatic smell. The warmth it brings as I lift the cup up to my mouth, the taste. Yummy. I drink one to two cups per day. This morning I scrounged change so I could stop at starbucks. I'm not the fancy coffee drinker. Nope not me. I like it brewed and white (lots of half and half).

Well this brings me to the coinstar machine. Now instead of losing that 8 cents per dollar you can buy a starbucks card! Someone help me. My day was spent thinking about my change jar. Believe it or not I'm trying to figure out a way that trading in my change for a starbucks card would be cost effective. I actually looked at my old starbucks card and wondered if I could recharge it at the coinstar machine. I think I'm losing my mind. I even avoided Stater Brothers today to avoid looking at the coinstar machine. I have to go tomorrow because it is my son's birthday party. I got to buy cake mix, hamburgers, etc. (I'm thinking about trading in my change). I've been hoarding it for a year. I never really had a plan for the change, but it never occurred to me until today to buy a starbucks card with it.

On the sloppier side: I paid my Sprint bill, it was three months old and they turned off the cells. Now I told them my new address in August on one of the bills. I was just beginning to wonder where the heck the bills have been when BAM (Batman and Robin style Smile they just turned them off (yep teenagers have them I have a prepaid wireless that I adore). So bill was $252. I hope they don't report me to a credit agency for being late. I honestly forgot about it. So much for not borrowing money from my savings this month. That just blew it big time. This month has been sucky. I even have to pay 1.80 because my electric bill was late.

I have not heard from Kaiser yet for my kids. I have decided to take them off my health insurance. It is scarey. If something happens I will apply for medi-cal for them. I just can't afford it anymore. The $100 more a month is something that I can't afford.

I called my daughter and left her a message that said "Make the car payment or bring back the car." At least this way if I have the car, I won't be paying $240 per month for her car insurance. I was stupid stupid stupid to finance this car for her. She called and left a message that she will bring the payment by ASAP when it is convenient for her. My message to her said I want one or the other by 10/31. I'll park the car and try to sell it. I know it will be at a loss, but it is better than paying 4 years for a car that I don't want or need.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If you can't afford health insurance for your kids, how can you afford to be paying for cell phones for them? Seems to me it would be more important that they have health coverage than cell phones considering 20 years ago NO kid had a cell phone and got along fine. Don't mean to be stepping on toes here as your financial decision are yours, just a thought.

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