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October 28th, 2005 at 04:26 pm

Well I went to my doctor yesterday because I was feeling really blah. Have been for a few weeks. I had the worst cold and my throat actually still feels yucky. I'm normally so healthy. He said sometimes infections can cause iron deficiency anemia. He also did a few other tests. I've had issues for years with precancerous cells and he told me that it could be possible that I have cervical cancer. WOW. Way to go Doc! Now I've had two really bad scares in the last 4 years where I've had to have a biopsy. He said I'm extremely anemic and had me take a blood test. (EWW I just hate the needle part!). He sent me away with prescriptions for Ferrous Sulphate and Hormones. I've taken 3 iron pills in the last 36 hours and I'm actually starting to feel a little better. I hear now that they have a shot for cervical cancer. I'm going to get one if I can after this.

I think mostly I'm just mad about the whole cancer thing. Having precancerous cells, I know its not as bad as actually having cancer, it is just a pain. I have to go through all these tests. Hormone pills and shots, sonograms, mamograms and biopsies and not to mention the missed work. After my last scare I asked to have a radical hysterectomy and I was refused. I wonder if I can get it now?

Than, to top it all off, my change jar was on the floor of my closet and all of my quarters were missing. So I asked my little girl about it. Apparently she borrowed it from me, because her brother gave her money for something and she lost it. However, she has since found the money and never returned all of my quarters. So she has be fined 2 weeks allowance. She will also have physical punishment, but I haven't thought up one good enough yet. I normally don't put the kids on restriction because I work so much. I could use some suggestions here.

Anyway, I'm pretty tired. I'm glad for the weekend.

1 Responses to “Anemic????”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm anemic, too, and when pregnant had to have iron shots in my hip every 3 days...what a pain in the a**--literally!

    As for your daughter taking money without asking, I'll sometimes get my older two (11 and 9) to pick their own punishment. They are way harsher than I would ever be, and they always follow through on it without complaint because they picked it. I only offer this when I really don't know what the punishment should be. This would qualify in my opinion...Good luck!

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