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stupid things I do

November 2nd, 2005 at 06:10 pm

Let me begin by saying that I have very little credit card debt ($800 on a one card). I've always paid off all my vehicles very quickly. After my divorce I worked diligently to pay of $14,000 in debt and I swore in 11/2001 that I would never get in that same situation again. I currently financed a car for my daughter and she is paying what she can every month. I kick in the rest.

Well, a few years ago I got a discount on tires by applying for their credit card. I was approved and I immediately called and canceled the card. About a year ago, I applied for an Amazon card to get a discount and I was denied (for having no credit none-the-less) but I got the discount and was happy. Now mind you, I am not in the habit of just applying for credit cards. It just isn't something that I do.

Anyhow last night I was looking at my union's web site because we are in the middle of negotiations. Well on the side, it said apply now for a union credit card. Since I was bored, tired, sick and dumb, I went ahead and did this. I filled out all of the little questions and I knew they were going to deny me. I mean I have no credit (Mind you last I looked my credit score was an average of 725). So "processing" it went. Then BOOM!. I get the message "You have just been approved for $6000". No application fee, no yearly fee. I thought I was dreaming.

I wasn't dreaming. I just checked my emails and sure enough. I got a confirmation letter telling me how to confirm my card and that I should receive it in 10 days. Frown. I've surely lost my mind.

Today has been going just as well. I didn't get anything done at work because I can't think. Doctor is ordering the blood test results ASAP because I might have to be transfused and to top it off, my lovely daughter called and said her and her boyfriend haven't been getting along and she wants to move back home (but its not a sure thing yet).

Well you'd never guess that I don't stay bored for very long.

1 Responses to “stupid things I do”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey - don't worry about doing dumb things, but maybe you could just set that card in a jar and "bury it in the backyard" with a big sign marked "emergencies" - this idea comes from the book, "All Your Worth" and they talk about how people who wouldn't have qualified for credit 50 years ago are now getting offers for much more than they can pay just so the credit card companies can make money. It is a FABULOUS book and I highly recommend it. I think I'm going to read my copy again!

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