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My couch did not just break!

November 3rd, 2005 at 05:09 pm

Stayed home today. No call from the doctor so I guess my blood work at least came back as a pass. I just hate being tired all the time.

I've been just lazying around. I sat up on my couch and I sank into it. The corners of the cushions popped up around me and I felt like I was sitting in the middle of a half opened flower Smile. I'd have laughed if I had the energy.

I'm splurging for pizza tonight. First fast food in months.

The insurance adjuster called. He's sending someone out to look at my car. While I was at work the roofers splattered tar all over the hood and fenders and it ate through the paint. I thought the company would take care of it, well they refused. Even though my insurance deductible is greater than the cost to have it repainted, my insurance will seek the cost and reimburse me if they collect. It really aggravates me.

I looked at my bills for this month and so far I have:
103.58 Edison
54.99 Trash (3 months)
13.40 Water
44.37 Phone
89.41 TV and Internet

I will get the following estimated:

300 Car insurace
65 Cell phone
20 Prepaid Cell phone

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