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Almost black friday

November 22nd, 2005 at 09:19 pm

Well Thanksgivings at my house this year and tomorrow is the annual office Thanksgiving potluck. I'm taking pumkin pie cake. Weird sounding I know but absolutely delicious.

Last bill due this month is the car insurance. $301. It is a killer. My daughter told me she is giving me $500 next month. The extra for all the times she didn't pay the car payment. Well we'll see. She said she still plans on moving back in.

I'm going to have an endometrial biopsy done. I've never had one of those before. I'm thinking that unless its in the afternoon I'll miss a whole day of work. Oh well. My blood iron or platlets (whichever I can't remember) is still pretty low. As of last Thursday it was a 9. I saw the score on the data sheet. It came up with this larger print L and a 9 next to it. He said if I drop one more point I'll have to have a transfusion. I really hate being sick.

I'm done shopping for my little girl. Looks like she got everything she wanted. My youngest son just wants a dirt bike and my oldest boy "is perfectly happy and can't think of a single thing he wants". I told him to watch it or he might just get all clothes. I'm asking for a pair of new oven mitts. My got burned on the stove.

I can hardly wait until Friday. I have yet to do any actual Christmas shopping on black friday for the kids. I usually get the family gift on that date. This year we are getting a new tree so that will be a family gift. I'm going to go and look for comforters. Most of my blankets and Christmas stuff that were in my garage at the old house were runied from the house fire smoke. Oh well.

Starting in December I will be getting about $300 more a month because I've taken the kids off of my insurance. I just couldn't afford it anymore. I haven't heard anything from Kaiser yet. I was looking at some of the other insurance programs they have there so I might actually still be able to afford something.

Come December I'm going to put another $100 a month into my ING savings account. Than every month I'm going to buy a $100 cd.

I'm wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

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