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Pain in my neck

February 17th, 2007 at 09:31 pm

Dear Fellow Blogsters,

Well other than the real pain in my neck. I just got a cut off notice for my internet service.

I called and told them I'd been paying them. Well what apparently happened is that when I changed phone services to another company, I deleted the internet account and not the phone account. So I've been paying the wrong bill for two months.

Now can they credit my account? No. They will credit it back to my checking account in ... get this....4 to six weeks. I had to pay at least half to keep my internet service connected.

I understand that it was all my doing and I told them that...BUT....now that the problem has been found WHY can't they credit the internet account that is about to be disconnected and WHY did they continue to accept my payment each month when I didn't have an account with them?

It seems totally ridiculous to me. It just makes me wonder if I ever overpaid anyone else and they kept the overpayment?

I'm going to be much more careful from now on. Do you know that they wouldn't even credit my account the $1.99 for two months late charges? I suppose you can guess why I don't have them for my phone or cable television anymore.

Well other than this small mishap, it was a beautiful 75 degree day out here in So Ca. I woke up and thought my neck was actually better. It is just now barely starting to hurt, so I took a motrin. The chiroprator appointment is Monday.

Both my sons are gone for the weekend. One went to the motocross in San Diego with my oldest daughter and the other is with my sister. It is a much needed break all the way around. I just have my little girl home with me.

Well I'm going back to the couch. It is somehow more comfortable for me there.

I hope all of you have a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

I'll leave you with something I overheard a customer of mine say one day.

"I can do anything I set my mind to. I know this because I have done it before."

1 Responses to “Pain in my neck”

  1. Cheetahwoman7 Says:

    I would call back and ask to speak to a supervisor. Make sure you do this on a regular weekday during their regular business hours. Seems that the weekend help doesn't always know the answers or have the "power" to make changes. Explain to them that they took your money for a payment you didn't owe and that they didn't contact you about it. If they won't credit it to your internet account, tell them that they should give you the $1.99 in late fees or pay you interest on the payments they took that you didn't owe. Smile
    If that doesn't work, tell them that you're reporting them to (I think it's the FCC) because they took payments on a non-account and didn't contact you about the mistake. That's fraud! Smile

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