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Fighting your way out of the mud

February 24th, 2007 at 04:58 pm

Hello fellow blogsters,

Interesting story here

It rained out here the other day and every time it rains we have a good 10-15 toads out on my grass and because we're kind of close to a stream, sometimes we get a frog or two. Anyway. It was kind of dusky and suddenly the frogs and toads started talking outside my bedroom window. Now I always wondered where the toads come from. It gets quite hot here some times. Well anyway, I went out and looked and guess what? They are coming up from the ground! Fighting their way out of the mud. Here I was blaming mice and yelling at my cats and it was the toads. How funny! They must stay underground when it's hot.

I kind of watched for a while and I thought, "I wonder how I'd feel if I had to fight my way out of the mud?" I actually could totally relate it to my life. Topside being the good times and underground being the tough times. You better believe that I fought my way out each time. I bet we all have a story to tell about those hard times.

Back to reality:

My oldest daughter is sick with a kidney infection. She has kidney reflux. So she is not working again, until at least next week Friday.

My boys are gone for the weekend, so just the girls are home. I probably won't cook all weekend except to make a sandwich or salad.

I bought gas today and lent the oldest one money for medicine. She was at the hospital. I guess they'll send a bill for her co-pay.

My neck and back gets better then it gets bad again. I've started taking the motrin again.

Life is still pretty tight for money. I still have faith that I will raise the money for the braces for my daughter.

Well I'll leave you with another of my favorite biblical sayings.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11-1

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