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Shopping at the Grocery Outlet

March 4th, 2007 at 10:42 pm

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I am still trying to come up with ways to save money.

I'm going to cut grocery shopping again. I've been trying an outlet store and WINCO's . Seems to be helping, so I think I might be able to cut back on that expense by $20 for the month.

At the outlet I can get two 5lb bags of cat food for $2.84 per bag. It is the good cat food. The dogs have also been benefiting because I can get the really good dog food for about $10 for the 10lb bag. This is about a $15 savings per month. I just wish I could find the really good multiple cat litter for less than the $8.00 I pay for it twice a month.

I bought 3 boxes of dish washer detergent for $2.50 a box. Normally $4.99. Coffee bags for $2.50. Also normally $4.99. Juice and apple sauce is very inexpensive. TV dinners are anywhere from $1 to $2. Rice mixes for .50 per box.

Of course they don't always have what you're looking for, so I go there first and then to the other store afterwards. This week I got there just after they stocked up. So I was lucky to find so much that I needed.

I'm reading a book "Get Everything You Want With the Money You Already Have." It is an amazing book that recommends that you pay all your bills at the same time every month. Then you live on what's left over. I'm going to try it this month. This is why I had a little money for groceries. My mortgage isn't late until the 17th. So I will pay all the bills when I get paid again. I think it will work better for me, than trying to save half of all the bills each time I get paid, so that I have the money to pay them when I get them.

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  1. Grant M. Says:

    The problem with saving money is that you never can save enough. Even when you buy items at discount outlets, you are still putting huge profits into their hands. There is a new concept on personal finances that focuses less on saving money and more on creating wealth using the money you already spend. This is not a "get rich quick" or an investment or real estate scheme. This has to do with products you buy every month, like coffee and juice. Here are some good books to look into: "Pro-sumer Power" by Dr. Bill Quain and "Household Gold" by Dr. Steve Price. Those books changed the way I shopped and changed the way I thought about my everyday expenses and have lead to real progress on handling my debt.

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