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Tax rebate check vs Income Tax vs LIFE

January 24th, 2008 at 06:32 pm

Well the government is going to start giving out rebate checks in May. I just glanced at it, but I think I'll get close to $1200.

I under-paid the Feds and I owe $1770. I'll have to reconcile my W4s. I think I messed up because my kid turned 17 and I lost his child credit. Oh well live and learn.

I claim 0 on my State and will get almost all that I paid out back, plus enough to cover the Feds and I'll have a small amount left over.

I applied for the Pell Grant this year. Every year they deny my oldest daughter because I have to file with her. Well I completed the forms and it looks like I was approved. I still have to verify information. Nothing asked for her income on the form, so I'll take her tax forms with me. It doesn't seem right that her income is not counted. I'm thinking I did something wrong. I'll verify everything before I take any money. The last thing I need is to owe someone else money.

All bills are paid so far this month. So far so good.

Next month I start paying on the car that was wrecked.

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